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Sun Media begins content management pilot

The Canadian publisher of 44 dailies and 200 community newspapers gets ready to deploy a combination of software and storage products that could pave the way for a complete implementation across Quebecor's other content properties

Google rolls up newspaper acquisition plan

Having won the ad war, Google's purchase of a major newspaper might have helped undo some of the damage inflicted on media outlets many consider necessary to uncover the excesses of government and protect democracy around the world. Alas, it is not to be.

Internet usurping other media in Australia

The ability to stream and download videos, podcasts, music, television shows and up-to-the-minute news reports has contributed to the decline in traditional media formats, the telecom regulator has found

Microsoft, Tiscali sued over European download patent

Microsoft Corp., Italian ISP (Internet service provider) Tiscali SpA and OnDemand Distribution PLC (OD2) are facing a patent infringement lawsuit in a German court over their Western European on-demand music service.

Web editorial: believe it or not?

For many journalists, the Internet highlights a thorny issue. In print, established conventions distinguish editorial content from advertising. But online, an expansive medium where a product review is just a click away from a product purchase, the separation between editorial and advertising is not always clear. Should a book review section online include a link to If pays referring sites a small fee as a result of sales, should that payment policy be explained to readers?

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