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Sprint to add 4G handset soon

Although its WiMAX data network has been operating in two cities for almost two years, the U.S. carrier hasn't been able to offer handsets. That's about to change

Windows Phone 7 highlights SharePoint collaboration

Microsoft SharePoint is key to the new smart phone Business Hub, but Google could very well match the company

RockMelt browser could be Facebook

As more competitors bring out products that link browsers and applications more closely, Microsoft will have legal cover to bundle its browser, applications, and development tools

How come China gets MS Office for only $29?

This looks like a case of where crime pays big dividends. And, no, I am not suggesting for readers to pirate copies of Office in order to send Redmond a pricing message

Users, IT admins split on Windows 7

Computer users say they want Windows 7 although reports indicate that majority of IT admins have no plans of deploying Microsoft's latest operating system

Google rolls up newspaper acquisition plan

Having won the ad war, Google's purchase of a major newspaper might have helped undo some of the damage inflicted on media outlets many consider necessary to uncover the excesses of government and protect democracy around the world. Alas, it is not to be.

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