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Report says Apple iPad 2 to have two cameras, USB

Taiwanese companies will build a thinner, smaller iPad 2 for Apple, with several key functions

New Wikia app platform sharpens query answers

Instead of having to users edit one result at a time, Wikia's WISE platform enables users to create applications for whole categories...

Don’t nail the coffin on IT print media just yet

Much like a recently-published obituary of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, it looks like the death of offline publications has been greatly exaggerated. Get the highlights of our reader survey

When two become one

A few weeks ago, when I was struggling with the idea of bringing ComputerWorld Canada and Computing Canada together, I decided to take a break from my work by reading the newspaper. I chose the Globe and Mail, and it was only after putting the paper down on the table I had an epiphany: The Globe and Mail, like the publication you hold in your hands now, was also the merger of two rivals.

Don’t gag news with copyright, Google tells Brussels court

Google launched a robust defence of its practice of caching and summarizing newspaper articles on its news search engine Google News in a Brussels courtroom on Friday.

Microsoft plans joint research centre with French gov’t

Microsoft Corp. plans to open a research centre in France in conjunction with a French government research organization. An announcement could be made as early as Tuesday afternoon during a visit to Paris by Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer.

TorStar delivery goes wireless

The Toronto Star Media Group installed a wireless mobile delivery system to eliminate paper forms that drivers previously used to track newspaper deliveries to stores and street boxes.

Arrests made in Taiwanese re-marking raid, AMD says

Taiwanese police arrested several suspects and seized an unspecified number of re-marked Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) processors in a Dec. 30 raid on four businesses at several locations in Taiwan, an AMD spokeswoman said Wednesday.

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