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No business case for IPv6, survey finds

Internet Protocol version 4 only supports 4.3 billion addresses while version 6 supports 2 to the power of 128. Despite this, only a handful of organizations are actually deploying IPv6

Motorola releases software for network management

Motorola Inc. is helping IT managers and network operators more efficiently and comprehensively manage their networks and devices that sit on them

The power of paradox in Prague

Vanco plc is holding its 7th International Media Conference at the ancient city of Prague in the Czech Republic. To my mind, the London, U.K.-based virtual network operator (VNO) epitomizes the word "paradox."

NTT develops secure instant messaging system

Engineers at NTT Communications Corp. have developed a secure instant-messaging system that supports logging and archiving of messages to satisfy compliance regulations and can interact with some third-party instant messaging networks.

BMI-T: Nigeria a massive telecommunications opportunity

BMI-TechKnowledge Group has announced the publication of its Nigerian Telecommunications Market Report, offering an in-depth investigation into what has been hailed as one of the biggest telecommunications markets in Africa and the world.

UUNet having network difficulty

If the Internet seemed a little slow April 25, it

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