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AOL to end support for Netscape browser

Netscape was the original mass-market Web browser and helped to popularize the Internet in the mid-1990s, but it has long taken a back seat to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

Software development as an art

Ever wondered why Microsoft software needs continually to be patched and updated? Microsoft Corp.'s Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie believes it's because software development is still more an art than a science

Yahoo Canada unveils slicker, feature-rich home page

Yahoo Canada's newly redesigned home page is choc full of features likely to appeal to consumers

Outfoxing Microsoft – Firefox gaining ground on Internet Explorer

Firefox Web browser is again gaining over Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer. Use of Mozilla Foundation's open-source browser is growing in Canada and the U.S., a recent study shows.

New Web browser Opera 9 launched

Opera Software ASA released the first public beta of Opera 9 on Thursday, giving users the go ahead to put its new Web browser through its paces.

Gates preparing Microsoft for firm

I have known Bill Gates since his company was called Micro-Soft and its headquarters was in Albuquerque, N.M. The man is an adrenaline junkie and nothing jump-starts his heart more than a well-focused enemy.

Firefox lights up Web browser world

Firefox 1.0 appears to have sparked new activity in the Web browser market.

Internet Explorer keeps losing market share

Benefiting from high-profile security vulnerabilities in the Microsoft browser and recommendations by experts to switch, the Mozilla Foundation saw its market share rise.

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