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Hoey Associates

The holding company that owns Bell Canada said its auditor has doubts about its solvency after Dec. 11. A consortium of companies led by the Ontario teacher

Iridium merger could enable satellite broadband

Rescue by investment bank may allow company to afford a new US$2 billion network of satellites. This is the latest turn in a company which was backed by Motorola before going bankrupt eight years ago, after which it was resurrected

Five ways for CIOs to impress their CEOs

What do CEOs want from their CIOs, and how can CIOs build on the power gains they've built up, even as everything around them is changing? CIO magazine tackled just that subject during a panel session at the CIO Leadership Conference and found five main keys to being a top-notch CIO today-and tomorrow.

Management Memo: Laying the groundwork for leadership

Leadership and management are two different things. But you can

Stop wasting time

The typical company's senior executives spend less than three hours a month working together on strategic issues, and those hours are seldom well spent, says Michael C. Mankins in September's Harvard Business Review.

Managing your outsourcing options

Even a whisper of the word outsourcing in a company can produce a panic among IT staff comparable to the mention of the word marriage to the most commitment-phobic among us. And that

Symbol buys into stronger mobile security

Symbol Technologies Inc. wants to help secure data and applications on handheld devices via the acquisition of Trio Security Inc., a privately held software vendor in Colorado Springs, Colo., the company announced Thursday.

Success and the CIO – Part II

In the first part of "Success & the CIO" we examined the dual role of the CIO: co-leading business change and managing information technology....

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