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Wireless networking offers limited value to sector

While financial markets were one of the pioneers in terms of Blackberry devices, cell phones and pagers on trade floors, this sector is the lowest among adopters of wireless networking.

vice-president and research director, Gartner Inc.

Too many of us have witnessed or unluckily experienced first-hand the panic of losing a mobile device, typically from theft or distraction. The personal inconvenience of a taxi driving off with your Blackberry or a commuter train pulling out of the station with your laptop is obvious and certainly warrants that sinking feeling of loss. What may be less upper mind at that moment is the immediate exposure of company information and your firm

A trend worth watching closely

In April 2005, an online poll for the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) conducted by revealed that 69 per cent of the 345 businesses surveyed believe mobile technology is helping them better compete, and 55 per cent are using mobile technology either in key departments like sales or across the entire company. The poll indicated that another 38 per cent of respondents were either evaluating mobile technology or in the process of deploying it in certain departments or across their organization.

Report warns of organized cyber crime

A new criminal class in North America, attracted by the low cost and low risk of cyber crime, has turned the Internet into an online haven where profit has replaced

Vendors see ID management as do or die

Managing electronic identities is gaining ground as a necessary counter to protect Internet banking users and other online customers from the increasingly criminal usage of the worldwide Web.

Just how secure is voice traffic?

The proliferation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) increases the security risks on the Internet to a new level, according to Yaron Raps, a solution partner at BusinessEdge Solutions, a communications industry consulting firm in East Brunswick, NJ. Service providers must grapple with the reality that the voice transmission they are providing their customers will never be 100 per cent secure, he cautions

VP, IT operations, Inventure Solutions Inc.

“The increasing complexity of the products and channel interaction with customers means financial institutions have to be more vigilant than ever, especially as they...

Secure your data and customers

It was close to 6:00 p.m. on a Friday that had capped a jam-packed week and now on the 401 parking lot my car and I were both too low on fuel. I inched my way to the next exit and headed for the nearest gas station. Once there, I inserted my Visa card, picked up the pump handle with my right hand as usual and tried to select the usual grade. It didn

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