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Why good leaders make bad decisions

Biases, pattern recognition habits, misleading memories and self-interest play pivotal roles in the making bad decisions, Andrew Campbell, director of Ashbridge Strategic Management Centre discusses how

Why women quit technology careers

In this month's Harvard Business Review, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Carolyn Buck Luce and Lisa J. Servon describe the Athena Factor, their research project examining the career trajectories of such women. Hewlett, founding president of the Center for Work-Life Policy in New York, told Kathleen Melymuka about what they learned.

Effectively managing multicultural teams

Jeanne Brett, director of the Dispute Resolution Research Center at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management shares successful strategies for meeting the challenges multicultural teams pose.

Performance reviews are worth the effort

A survey of 612 workers by OfficeTeam, a Robert Half International Inc. staffing service, found that most employees think annual performance reviews are beneficial.

Tying styles to tasks

Not all individuals learn the same way

Emotional intelligence in the IT workplace

In his new book, Managing Psychological Factors in Information Systems Work: An Orientation to Emotional Intelligence, Eugene Kaluzniacky synthesizes what psychologists know about personality and learning styles with what IT managers know about IT workers.

Stop wasting time

The typical company's senior executives spend less than three hours a month working together on strategic issues, and those hours are seldom well spent, says Michael C. Mankins in September's Harvard Business Review.

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