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Linux kernel development going corporate: Survey

According to the latest survey released this week by the Linux Foundation, the top six companies contributing to the kernel were Intel, Red hat, the Linaro Group, Samsung and Suse

Linux Wi-Fi driver vulnerability found

A bug has been found in a major Linux Wi-Fi driver that can allow an attacker to take control of a laptop - even when it is not on a Wi-Fi network

Torvalds still no fan of governing license

Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, remains unimpressed with a proposed update to the license that governs the open source operating system and has no plans to adopt it for the Linux kernel.

Sun takes page from Linux playbook with Solaris 10

Executives from Sun Microsystems Inc. outlined their response to the growing popularity of Linux, speaking at the launch on Monday of the most significant update of the Solaris operating system in over two years.

OSDL unveils improved Linux kernel development tool

Open Source Development Lab Inc. (OSDL) has upgraded a key Linux kernel development tool, the Scalable Test Platform (STP), with new features to improve simulations of enterprise data centres on the Linux kernel.

CVS flaw has Linux vendors rushing out patches

Linux vendors have rushed to distribute patches for a critical flaw in CVS, a widely used program for collaborating on software development, that could allow a malicious user unauthorized access to development code.

Silicon Graphics clusters 256 Itanium 2 processors in a single node

Large-scale data processing reached new heights when Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) on Thursday announced that its Altix 3000 server for clustering will scale up to 256 processors in one node.

Security flaw in Linux kernel gets vendor patches

A security vulnerability in the Linux kernel that could have allowed a hacker to gain control of the operating system on user machines has been patched by the open-source community and Linux vendors.

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