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WiMax market takes a dive

The economic squeeze and competition from the LTE standard will give WiMax a double whammy in 2009

Trapeze buys Newbury Networks

The wireless LAN vendor plans to use location technology for security "fingerprinting", which would prevent workers from accessing applications from certain locations. An analyst describes Newbury as a leader in location technology

Kace launches iPhone management software

A software module is designed to track iPhones on corporate networks and ensure they follow IT policies. How it compares to BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Alcatel-Lucent launches European Laptop Guardian

The combination network card/ignition key renders the laptop useless to all but the holder; 'Without this, the laptop is an expensive paperweight,' a security GM says

First 4G base station runs LTE and WiMAX

The software-based base station can run both competing 4G standards, 'just like a PC that can run either OpenOffice or MS Office,' says a company rep

Deadline for British WiMax auction bidders only weeks away

Would-be WiMax operators in Britain have until the middle of next month to register for the U.K.'s biggest ever release of radio spectrum

Cisco says wait for 802.11n equipment

Cisco has added location sensing to its wireless LAN and allowed it to scale up, but it has stopped short of launching faster 802.11n Wi-Fi access points, with a set of announcements at the Interop event in Las Vegas.

Linux Wi-Fi driver vulnerability found

A bug has been found in a major Linux Wi-Fi driver that can allow an attacker to take control of a laptop - even when it is not on a Wi-Fi network

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