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Job search: Should you upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account?

Here's what you need to know about LinkedIn's three paid options, and how they differ from what you can get for free from the social media service

Is any job better than none?

For someone searching for a job or even just looking to identify a new position, any interested employer can seem like a safe port in a storm. But before you accept a new position or re-enter the workforce, look for a few important warning signs

How to put a recruiter to work for you

Establishing an effective partnership with a recruiter isn't difficult, but it does require some effort. Here's how to get the most out of the relationship

IT careers: Can you survive unemployment?

Joblessness can lead to much more than financial ruin. It precipitates bouts of loneliness, feelings of inadequacy, even full-blown depression. Unemployment disrupts every aspect of their lives

Job Search: Bringing your brand to market

With many companies undergoing restructuring during the economic downturn, IT professionals who have been laid off, and those who fear they may be, are turning to career services to help boost their images. Career Management and share their approaches to job search success

IT worker confidence hits all-time low

According to a recent Harris Interactive report, IT pros south of the border are attributing the IT job shortage to the ongoing economic downturn.

Common questions about compiling a list of references

One of the last things many job seekers do prior to submitting a resume is tack on the perfunctory "References Available Upon Request" at the bottom of the document. Most don't give the statement a second thought and include it more out of habit than anything else. But the truth is that this short sentence plays a much greater part in your chances of landing the position you seek than you might realize. Many companies are diligent about checking references.

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