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3 surefire steps to landing an interview

Economic realities might make it harder to get a job interview. However, candidates who approach their search in a persistent, strategic and positive manner stand a better chance than others

Eight essential strategies for getting that promotion you want

Uncertain economic times are making employers focus on making the most of existing IT staff. Here are some tips on how to turn the situation to your advantage and get a promotion in the process

5 Ways to Make Your Company Gen Y-Friendly

Facing a potential onslaught of baby boomer retirements and a smaller pool of Generation X employees to replace them, IT managers who want to create or sustain a Best Place to Work environment will need the additional help of another group of professionals: Generation Y.

Five skills that CIOs want

CIOs seek professionals who can contribute immediately to their companies' success. The choice often comes down to skills that are hard to quantify but essential to any successful IT career. Here are five nontechnical abilities that will help separate you from the crowd.

How wearing a ‘sales’ hat can help an IT career

Today, the most successful individuals have a sense of sales that helps them convey ideas, demonstrate to company decision-makers how a new software or hardware purchase can add value and explain how technology can enable the business to move forward

Help desk job can kick start IT career

Those looking to break into the IT industry -- whether they are recent college graduates or entry-level professionals, or are transitioning from another profession -- often have the same initial question: Where do I start?


If you are having trouble finding a job consider the following reasons why you might be having trouble, as well as the simple fixes that could put you back on the right track.

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