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Four IT job search traps…and how to avoid them

Are you an IT professional who - though skilled and experienced - can't seem to locate a good position. If so, you may want to consider whether you're falling into these common job-search traps:

These hot IT skills will get you the job you crave

While the demand for IT talent is strong, companies are not adding staffers at the same frenetic pace they were a few years ago. The Robert Half Technology Hiring Index and Skills Report offers vital information on the types of IT skills employers are seeking today.

Common questions about compiling a list of references

One of the last things many job seekers do prior to submitting a resume is tack on the perfunctory "References Available Upon Request" at the bottom of the document. Most don't give the statement a second thought and include it more out of habit than anything else. But the truth is that this short sentence plays a much greater part in your chances of landing the position you seek than you might realize. Many companies are diligent about checking references.

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