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4 reasons we procrastinate despite knowing better

We know procrastination will only create more stress for us, yet we succumb to it anyway. Why is it so hard to ignore procrastination's siren song?

Project management salaries show growth, career potential

Overseeing important corporate initiatives remains a stable, lucrative career with opportunities for growth, according to a survey from the Project Management Institute (PMI)

Time management: Six ways to improve your productivity

To prevent you from making those same mistakes over and over again, a workplace performance expert shares his secrets of getting things done.

10 hot IT jobs for managers and executives in 2012

IT infrastructure positions are beginning to retire, and IT leaders are hard-pressed to find enough Gen Xers with the right mix of skills to replace them. But it's the leadership roles that are really changing

Six hot IT jobs that will pay well in 2012

These are the roles staffing experts say will be in greatest demand and will command the highest salaries next year. The best part? Many of these jobs are also serious fun

How to tame a bad boss: Eight practical techniques

Because we spend so many of our waking hours at work and because our rapport with our boss is one our most pivotal relationships outside of family, it's in our best interest to try to make it work

CIO role: Is IT facing a leadership crisis?

Aspiring CIOs need even more experience and capabilities to excel in IT leadership positions, according to CIOs, executive recruiters and IT analysts

How to conduct a job hunt: What you need to know today

Job seekers and career experts alike say that today's job search requires more focus, more networking and more personal branding than ever. Some practical advice

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