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Myriad tool converts Java apps for Android phones

J2Android converts existing Java apps to run on Dalvik, the virtual machine used on all Android devices. It

Troubleshooting tool for Java offered

Java Platform SE Update 7 now includes VisualVM, a diagnostic tool for development and production environments. Find out what it can do

CRM special: Getting big benefits from small devices

If you have been following the technology media, by now you have heard and felt the hype about running applications on small devices. I am sure your organization is asking: what else can these devices do for us? Before we can discuss the correct approach to small devices integration for CRM, we should analyze what is available. There are several types of such devices, but they can be grouped into two distinct categories: network-enabled and standalone.

Sun, TI team up for Java apps on cell phones

Java pioneer Sun Microsystems Inc. and cell-phone chip maker Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) are joining to make it easier for phone makers and mobile operators to get Java-based applications out to end users, the companies announced Wednesday.

Sun buys mobile content distribution software

Sun Microsystems Inc. has entered into an agreement to acquire Pixo Inc., makers of Java-based server technology, to manage distribution of digital content to mobile phones and PDAs.

Java apps soon to run on Palm Tungsten handhelds

Enterprise Java applications will be able to run directly on Palm Tungsten handhelds now that Palm Inc. has licensed IBM Corp.'s WebSphere Micro Environment Java run-time environment. Palm will offer WME on all its Tungsten devices.

Microsoft urges users to patch flaws in its VM for Java

Microsoft Corp. warned of two software flaws that could allow an attacker to take control of PCs running its Windows operating systems. All Windows users should patch their software to correct the flaws, which Microsoft described as critical in a notice late Wednesday.

Microsoft brings Java to SQL

Microsoft Corp. recently released a JDBC driver enabling Java developers to utilize Microsoft's SQL Sever 2000 database as a data management system for Java applications.

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