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Oracle quietly plotting ambitious cloud plan

During a series of analyst briefings this week, Oracle has provided additional details of how it plans to play in the cloud moving forward

Microsoft edges closer to open-source community

Microsoft has had a notoriously rocky historical relationship with the open-source community but the recent creation of a specialized Open Technologies spinoff has brokered some change

OpenStreetMap posing surprise threat to Google Maps

Since it surpassed Mapquest in April 2009, according to statistics from Experian Hitwise, Google Maps has been more or less the only game in town for online mapping

Top wireless and mobile tech stories of 2010

Apple, Google and Microsoft among those dominating the wireless technology headlines

Google dreaming up Chrome OS tablets

The Google-Apple rivalry could soon extend itself beyond the smart phone world. Find out what a Chrome OS-based tablet might look like

3 quick wins in identity management

In order to get projects approved during this economic downturn, many IT directors have to demonstrate an almost immediate return on investment. I have heard of projects not getting approval...

Bogus Belkin review put peer ratings under question

Belkin's admission that an employee has been offering money for favourable Web-based peer reviews of its network gear reinforces the old adage 'let the buyer beware'

2008’s biggest IT mergers and acquisitions

This year's top 15 M&As amounted to almost US$65 billion and involved companies specializing in areas such as IT services to network hardware to wireless technology and security

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