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Fake iTunes gift certs could make for a sad Black Friday

Security vendor Sophos reports that malware developers are using the lure of a free $50 iTunes gift card to spread malware

Hackers target iPad owners with Windows malware

The bogus update dupes Windows users into downloading a backdoor Trojan. The attack does not put Mac owners at risk

Apple patches 10 QuickTime bugs

Monday's update was Apple's second this year for QuickTime, which has been patched a total of 17 times in 2009

Five things we DO know about webOS

Palm Pre focuses on a breakthrough OS rather than hardware technology, signaling a new trend in the smartphone market. Find out why Info-Tech

Macworld Expo: Apple kills DRM

Apple has finally put a stake into the heart of the DRM vampire. But such an act comes with a price

Apple to release netbooks

Apple is ringing in the New Year with two new netbooks tied to the companies iPhone and App Store, says Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research Inc.

Rogers to roll out iPhone 3G July 11

The device will work on Rogers Wireless

Apple gets ‘Air’ time for ultra-skinny notebook

Steve Jobs opens a manilla envelope to reveal a product that fits an entire Mac into a portable PC that weighs three kilograms and is less than half an inch thick. A Canadian reseller reacts

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