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CA buys messaging management software vendor iLumin

Computer Associates International Inc. Monday announced plans to buy iLumin Software Services Inc., a move designed to give CA a stake in the fast-growing market for software that manages and archives e-mails and instant messages.

Users ask IBM to lift Lotus fog

Lotus' Domino customers and business partners wanted a clear explanation of nthe product's future and how it will ultimately be integrated with IBM nCorp.'s application server and database at last month's annual Lotusphere nconference.

Net Insider . Scott BradnerThe problems of IM success

Instant messaging is coming on like gangbusters in enterprise networks, and with its success come some of the burdens of that success

Secure IM software proliferates

The market for secure, business-grade instant messaging software is picking up steam, with several start-ups now offering packages that automatically encrypt real-time chat sessions between users. However, these packages do not yet offer secure communications with users of popular consumer-oriented IM systems from AOL Time Warner Inc., Microsoft Corp. and others.

Who’s reading your instant messages?

Instant messaging (IM) may be a handy and quick communications tool, but experts on the technology warn that it's also a security risk

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