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Cloud computing standards spotlight – ISO JTC1/SC38

Cloud computing is the hot topic in ICT these days, and it is no surprise that there are numerous standardization efforts ongoing in various...

Brocade snaps up Foundry

A $3-billion deal gives the storage networking firm a presence in the local area network market, and a reach that could rival Cisco's

Current data centre models aren’t sustainable, HP says

Research shows CIOs think their data centres are inefficient, inflexible, and will soon run out of capacity

We need blade standards, but not yet

Look at the three server blade systems in this blade server roundup: three different enclosure designs, three different physical shapes and connector sets for the server blade, three different arrangements for power supplies, expansion modules, and daughter cards, and three different management interfaces. What the world cries out for is a server-blade standard: one slot design and one electrical backplane and power-connection specification.

Gartner: The Future of EMC’s WideSky Remains Proprietary

EMC is promoting Automated Information Storage Management (AutoIS)

Linda Musthaler: I want my NetWare back because it just plain works

About six years ago, my company made a strategic IT decision to migrate from Novell NetWare to Microsoft Windows NT.

Messaging vendors rally around SIMPLE protocol

An emerging communications protocol called SIMPLE is the front-runner to become the standard method for sharing online presence information and instant messages across the Internet, thanks to backing from market leaders AOL Time Warner Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

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