Don Sheppard

I'm a IT management consultant. I began my career in railways and banks after which I took up the consulting challenge! I try to keep in touch with a lot of different I&IT topics but I'm usually working in areas that involve service management and procurement. I'm into developing ISO standards, current in the area of cloud computing (ISO JTC1/SC38). I'm also starting to get more interested in networking history, so I guess I'm starting to look backwards as well as forwards! My homepage is but I am found more here.

Articles by Don Sheppard

How to plan and execute your cloud migration in 2018

So you've finally resolved to go through with a big cloud migration. Learn how to go about it and what tool you'll need along the way.

Blogging idol – glancing back after a decade

A blogger looks back on his decade of writing for IT World Canada.

Are clouds the new open systems?

Are the public clouds offered by Google, AWS, and Microsoft "open" in the context of IT systems?

The many-faceted future of ICT ecosystems

The CIO is now a source of competitive edge for those enterprises that invest in understanding and adopting modern ICT ecosystems i

Innovation at the forefront of IDC Directions 2017

I attended the IDC Directions 2017 event in Toronto on March 28.  The event was sponsored by the CIO Association of Canada, ITAC, and...

Amazon Chime – first impressions

Amazon is now offering its communications service called Chime. This blog explores the cloud computing platform and offers a personal opinion on the new offering.

A perspective on digital transformation

What is the digital transformation, and what does it include? We really don’t know where digital transformation will take us or whether this vision will truly be successful at an affordable cost.

Notes from Microsoft’s Innovation Nation

The Microsoft’s Innovation Nation event provided much to think about in the realm of digital transformation, AI and data. This blog explores those concepts and how things will unfold in 2017.

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