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Gartner offers BYOD tips to Canadian CIOs

No point fighting BYOD, because "consumerization will win," says Gartner analyst at CIO Summit in Toronto

Facebook didn’t find magic in HTML5

The social media giant admits it erred in focusing so heavily on cross-platform HTML5 development

SAP works with Sencha on HTML5 apps

IT WORLD CANADA CURATED Developers can use Sencha's Touch 2 framework to build applications that can be deployed on the Web or offered through an app store

W3C CEO calls HTML5 as transformative as early Web

CEBIT 2012 Jeff Jaffe sees enormous potential in the specification for every major industry, despite some early performance challenges. More on the future of the Open Web standard

Adobe explains ditching Flash for mobile

Adobe cites HTML5's value to customers and the industry in its decision to stop making Flash mobile

HTML5 gets final release date of 2014

For the first time, W3C is able to set a timeline for finishing the hotly debated HTML5 standard. What the HTML Working Group has yet to do by that deadline

Adobe offers top 10 list for Flash platform in 2010

The company lauded mobile and other enhancements to the Flash Player, but it also acknowledged adversity it faced in dispute with Apple. What made the list

Microsoft boosts HTML5 video for Firefox on Windows 7

Microsoft released on Wednesday a Firefox browser add-on, the HTML5 Extension for Windows Media Player Firefox plugin, extending HTML5-based video on the company's Windows 7 OS

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