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Extra polish that makes a job candidate shine

Catching a hiring manager's eye is never an easy task. So how can a job candidate stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips to help you shine and win the battle

Career Advice: How to catch a hiring manager’s eye

Susan G. Schade, vice-president and CIO of Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, answers questions about getting noticed by people who connect with employers, mentor relationships and more

Personal branding tactics that scream ‘Hire me!’

Zeroing in on your unique personal brand and communicating it consistently and effectively in your job search is a surefire strategy for attracting employers' attention

The best questions to ask an interviewer

By taking time before your interview to consider the best questions to ask, you stand a better chance of not only coming across as an engaged professional, but also getting all the information you need

Wanted Technologies unveils job market app

A new Web-based application will allow HR professionals to get access to real-time and historical hiring information from Wanted Technologies

Recruiting software: Ways for workers to beat it

Applicant tracking and recruiting systems originally relied on keyword-matching algorithms to identify candidates with the right skills and experience for a position--and to rule out unqualified candidates

Job Interviews and the Power of Silence

Q&A with Mark Settle reveals what a CIO looks for in job candidates

Your online reputation: Leveraging LinkedIn

Make the most of your LinkedIn account. Part 3 in our series on how to maneuver your professional reputation through Web 2.0.

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