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SOTI announces new ONE platform, expansion to Ireland

SOTI is expanding its mobile device management suite to include IoT devices and enable iOS screen sharing.

Canada lags U.S. in adopting help desk software as email, spreadsheets still prevail

The technology has seen double digit growth for nearly two decades, with many organizations using it as a means to improve competitive advantage through better customer service

Surprise! Help desk satisfaction rates are better than you might think

The perception that IT fails to keep up with support requests isn’t true, according to a survey, and employees are getting better at solving their own problems

HP expands access to Priority Services

Large and mid-sized organizations can now buy specialized PC support only available to Hewlett-Packard's biggest customers

The new help desk: Agile, educational, efficient

Whether it's a "teaching moment" at the University of Georgia, a system that provides more efficient tracking at Peugeot, or a start-up that relies entirely on a Web-based tool for every ticket, support teams are evolving fast

IT job satisfaction in a rut

A few days before flight attendant Steven Slater released a rear chute and exited his career with a couple of cans of beer in hand, an organization of IBM users held an informal discussion entitled "The Mythical 40-Hour Week"rn

Help desk key to harmony

Relationship advice for IT pros: How IT can meet the needs and wants of end users in their organization and why the help desk is key to success. With nine tips from end users

Usability critical for good mobile security

The consequences of a data breach can be far-reaching and complex, but in almost every case the cause is simple. An employee, the 'average user', has either taken a shortcut around the security procedures or lost a device with critical data in a public place, or both.

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