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10 predictions for what the CIO role will look like in 2020

We tapped industry leaders, analysts and CIOs themselves to discover what the challenges of 2020 for the CIO will be like. Here's what we found out.

The new help desk: Agile, educational, efficient

Whether it's a "teaching moment" at the University of Georgia, a system that provides more efficient tracking at Peugeot, or a start-up that relies entirely on a Web-based tool for every ticket, support teams are evolving fast

Must-have data centre utilities: Picks by IT pros

From real-time server graphing to capacity planning and virtual machine backup, these are tools worth checking out. Find out more

Six enterprise security leaks you should plug now

From unauthorized smart phones on Wi-Fi networks to custom-developed Web apps using bad code. Deal with these before it's too late

Other enterprise e-mail cloud options

There are more options than just Microsoft and Google. Cisco, IBM/Lotus and Zoho also play in this space

Today’s netbooks are a hard sell for CIOs

Sales for these small, low-cost notebooks will rise 65 per cent in 2009, compared to just a three per cent growth for standard notebooks. The form factor is attractive. That doesn't mean you should be offering them to staff

Is upgrade to faster Wi-Fi worth it?

Faster wireless networks open the door for high-definition video conferencing, video streaming and a nirvana state for a large corporation

The top 10 blogs

There's a blog for every topic under the sun but the quality of these daily journals are usually all over the map. But here's a list of 10 of the best written blogs

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