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Hashtag Trending – Apple iPhone X, Watch Series 3, TV 4K

Let’s not kid ourselves, an Apple launch event means that Apple products are dominating social media right now. So let’s dive in on the iPhone X, the Apple Watch LTE, and Apple TV 4K.

CES: Samsung plans TVs with face recognition

Samsung's new "smart TVs" will also support voice and gesture control


Record-breaking firewalling to aid in next-gen tech like HDTV and triple-play

MACWORLD TOKYO – Apple introduces 23-inch Apple Cinema Display

During his keynote address at Macworld Tokyo, Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs displayed the Apple Cinema HD Display, a 23-inch flat panel display that boasts 1920 by 1200 pixel resolution and a price tag of US$3,400.

InFocus LP340 projector

Big, Bright and Budget-Priced

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