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Jobs tops U.S. CEO salary list

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of major U.S. companies make an average of US$12 million a year

CACHE Database coming to Mac OS X next year

InterSystems Corp., a provider of database systems, will make its CACHE database available for Mac OS X early next year.

New VP of Apple Asia Pacific operation named

Apple Computer Inc. has named Tony Ho vice-president of its Asia Pacific operations, according to a Star Online article. He

High speed streaming SAN Solution released

Huge Systems Inc. is now shipping SanStream, a high-speed streaming SAN solution for Mac, PC and SGI systems.

Forwardmyemail dedicated to managing deluge of e-mail

Venture capitalist H. David Smith from Nashville, Tennessee, and his son, Joe of Boone, North Carolina, have formed Forwardmyemail, a firm dedicated to helping clients consolidate and manage a deluge of e-mail.

Exabyte announces 30 Terabyte LTO Library

A new LTO automation product, the Magnum20 LTO Tape Library, is now available from Exabyte Corp.

Raidtec launches NAS file server

Raidtec Corp., a company that specializes in storage networking technology, has a new addition to its NAS family of File Server Appliances: the SNAZ-E6, a Gigabit Ethernet file server.

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