Data storage specialist MicroNet Technology Inc. has reintroduced their MicroNet Advantage Series of single bay hard drives, which had been discontinued in 1998 as the company focused its development efforts on enterprise class RAID systems.

Now, success with the Genesis and DataDock RAID models allows MicroNet to re-enter the external hard drive market with a “highly developed level of technical expertise,” according to Jay Binder, the company’s West Coast sales manager. Available in 60 GB, 80 GB, 100 GB and 120 GB capacities, prices range from US$289 to $455.

The Advantage Series boasts dual mode FireWire and USB ports and is compatible with Mac OS X, as well as older Macintosh operating systems that support FireWire or USB. The hard drives sport a streamlined silver industrial design, a 5 x 9-inch footprint, and iridescent cobalt blue power light.