And you thought the 22-inch Apple Computer Inc. Cinema Display was big! During his keynote address at Macworld Tokyo, Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs upped the ante by displaying the Apple Cinema HD Display, a 23-inch flat panel display that boasts 1920 by 1200 pixel resolution and a price tag of US$3,400.

Jobs said the gigantic display, due next month, has enough room to view High Definition Television (HDTV) content “with room to spare. Some of its main customers are expected to be creative professionals using Final Cut Pro to author HDTV content in its native resolution.

The Cinema HD Display, less than two-inches thick, features an active-matrix, liquid crystal display that incorporates a pure digital interface and, according to Apple, serves up distortion-free images “from edge-to-edge that never need adjusting.” Its wide format design and 16:10 aspect ratio makes it easy to view a full 11-inch-by-17-inch two-page spread.

The Cinema HD Display can handle 16.7 million colours, 160-degree viewing angle and integration with ColorSync, Apple’s colour management software. To use the display, you’ll need a Power Mac G4 with ADC connector.

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