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Hitachi starts all-in-one data centre service

The massive Japanese conglomerate looks to leverage its myriad businesses with the end-to-end service

NEC launches software to quickly find video clips in large archives

The Japanese technology company's software runs on a standard PC and uses a small database of signatures for searching

Sony says it lost US$6.4 billion last fiscal year

Sony said it expects losses to balloon due to tax charges when it reports official earnings next month

Fujitsu research lab demos current projects

The Japanese company held an open house at its research labs on the outskirts of Tokyo

Foxconn parent invests US$806 million in Japan Sharp

Japanese Sharp has struggled to turn its LCD business around and made the deal as it faces

Microsoft wooing startups with free software, business advice

Those enrolled in the software giant's BizSpark program said it has kept them away from alternatives like open-source and Amazon

CES: The end dawns for the classic TV remote

Television makers, racing to find a way to navigate their expanding menus, are launching sets with voice and motion control

CES: Polaroid plans Android Camera with phone

The storied camera maker said the device will launch around April in the U.S., though technical details are still being ironed out

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