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US, Europe, Japan agree on data center efficiency metric

The US, Europe and Japan have agreed on a basic metric for measuring the energy efficiency of data centers.

Green data centre priority for Disney and Verizon

Disney is aiming to cut electricity consumption by 10 per cent by 2013 while Verizon is looking into solar energy...

Inside the Green Grid’s action plan

The environmentally-minded industry consortium held its technical committee meeting in San Francisco last week with input from U.S., Japanese and European concerns. Find out what's next

Enviromental expert joins Cisco

Paul Marcoux, one of the founders of the

Five steps to more energy-efficient storage

Although many companies have already consolidated their storage and server environments, they could benefit further by consolidating their storage-area network environments

Greenwashing the data centre

Data centres are continuing to grow in size and complexity, and with energy costs on the rise there

Experts debate power distribution options

Alternating current became the standard because it was more practical from a cost and efficiency standpoint, but forthcoming research could give Thomas Edison's direct current a decided advantage in the data centre

Storage trade group gets green makeover

SNIA has suddenly sprouted green leaves with a task force, working party, and tutorial all directed to making products more environmentally friendly

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