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Putting predictive analytics to work

Contrary to popular opinion, you don't need a huge budget to get started

Integration in the cloud

Mohawk Fine Papers saves millions by using the cloud as a central integration point for all its B2B transactions

Data center density hits the wall

There's a power crisis in the data centre: The latest servers use less power than previous models, but more can be crammed into a rack. Can the current infrastructure keep things cool?

Wells Fargo heats up its cooling capabilities

The bank's vice-president of technology information group facilities explains how he deployed a water-side 'economizer' that's expected to generate US$150,000 in free cooling this year

Experts debate power distribution options

Alternating current became the standard because it was more practical from a cost and efficiency standpoint, but forthcoming research could give Thomas Edison's direct current a decided advantage in the data centre

FAQ about going green

The key to success is to focus on the big picture when assessing overall power and cooling needs, but where do you start? We have the answers to four mission-critical questions

Ways to get green and save money

Companies share strategies for pursuing environmental initiatives while realizing cost savings.

How green is your data centre?

Server electricity consumption in data centres has quietly doubled in the past five years. With the environment high on everyone

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