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Cassatt joins non-profit green IT consortium

The company will bring some power management expertise to the Green Grid's mision to develop more energy efficient processors, servers, networks and other technology

Consulting firm debunks Intel’s green IT claims

An independent computer performance firm reports that in 36 of the 57 cases tested, an AMD Opteron-based server delivered better power efficiency than the Xeon

Enviromental expert joins Cisco

Paul Marcoux, one of the founders of the

Rivals clash over competing green IT standards

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative is offering a catalogue of recommended technology products, but it doesn't jive with the existing U.S. EPEAT ratings. A side-by-side comparison

GreenPower hard drives said to use less power

Western Digital Corp. is rolling out a new brand of hard drives that it claims use 40 per cent less power than the competition

Data centre in coal mine to use less energy

Sun Microsystems teams with eleven other companies, including Internet Initiative Japan , BearingPoint, Itochu Techno-Solutions and NS Solutions on a power-saving IT project

IDC: Buyers are spending their green on green IT

The research firm's latest report offers a snapshot of how companies are rethinking their technology investments to get a better handle on energy-efficiency and less waste

Laptop power supply maker follows green trend

Marvell introduces digital signal processors which dynamically adapt energy characteristics in real time for adapters for PCs and notebook computers by improving AC-DC current switching

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