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Adobe to deactivate all user accounts in Venezuela

To comply with an executive order issued by the U.S. government, Adobe is deactivating all accounts in Venezuela. The computer software company will no longer be providing users access to services and software, including free ones, or allowing users to make any new transactions or purchases. 

Novell-Microsoft pact not about interoperability, says Open Source leader

Last year he resigned in Novell in protest over the Microsoft-Novell patent agreement, which he dubbed "a mistake." In this exclusive interview Jeremy Allison explains why he believes the deal is nothing but a patent cross-licensing agreement that violates the spirit and letter of the GNU GPL.

Open source apps stack risk user lock-in, experts contend

Vendors are scrambling to offer open source application stacks as an alternative to integrated sets of proprietary applications that have long locked users into the technology of a single supplier.

Australian Unix user organization in trouble

AUUG, the Australian users organization for Unix, Linux and open source professionals, is facing one of the toughest challenges in its 30-year history as long-standing members question its relevance.

Torvalds still no fan of governing license

Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, remains unimpressed with a proposed update to the license that governs the open source operating system and has no plans to adopt it for the Linux kernel.

The economics of open-source software

New business models have formed around open-source software, threatening the old ways of making money in the IT industry. At last count, I

Microsoft to license code to avoid EU fines

Microsoft Corp. has agreed to license the source code for communications protocols in its Windows server software in a bid to avoid being fined

Open-source groups back India’s free software program

Open-source groups in India are assisting the Indian government's program to distribute productivity software for free in the country, even though the software being distributed includes some proprietary software.

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