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Enterprise data warehouse key to Australia

The Australian federal government's Department of Health and Ageing has begun to seek information from suppliers for an upcoming program to build an ICT capability which is extensible over time to provide access to data to states and territories, and other agencies

Former Google CIO says business misses key people

During a lively keynote at this year

Greythorn gives free iProfile to IT job seekers

According to Greythorn, most recruitment agencies automatically extract and enter resume information into their databases for recruiters to search against. What iProfile can dornrn

Cobol skills drought persists amid mainframe migrations

Cobol skills remain in demand among banks and govnerment departments, but the traditional mainframe platform is under pressure from modern Unix, Windows and Linux systemsrn

SOA and cloud don

A Gartner analyst explains the difference between paying for an outcome versus a technology and why software is not a very healthy business model

Aussie e-waste recycling plant targets CRTs

Wrecklamation program - The Planet Green Recycling Centre in Sydney's north-west already has the capacity to process 700,000 computers every year and it's got its eye on TV and computer monitors

PostgreSQL 8.4 released, focus on admin, monitoring

Notable enhancements in version 8.4 include parallel database restore for speeding up recovery from backup (by up to eight times), per-column permissions for more granular control of sensitive data and per-database collation support

Ubuntu 8.10 released

The Linux-based OS gets 3G network support and can now be installed via USB key rather than CD

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