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Linux tool points out power-wasting applications

Thanks to new functionality called "tickless," open source OS-based systems can go into low-power states, and stay there, without having to handle an internal timer every 100th to 1000th of a second

Vendors sell OS-free laptops

Two leading hardware vendors, Dell and Lenovo, are quietly selling laptops without preloaded Microsoft Windows to Linux customers who know where to look, says Lincoln Durey, CEO of EmperorLinux, an Atlanta reseller that customizes, installs and supports Linux on the major-brand laptops it sells.

Corporate security

A worm and a virus attack, which might make all the tech staff scramble and work without sleep for 15 hours, the CEO doesn

Novell-Microsoft pact not about interoperability, says Open Source leader

Last year he resigned in Novell in protest over the Microsoft-Novell patent agreement, which he dubbed "a mistake." In this exclusive interview Jeremy Allison explains why he believes the deal is nothing but a patent cross-licensing agreement that violates the spirit and letter of the GNU GPL.

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