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4 ways to create a startup culture in any organization

Startups enjoy the ability to chase a great opportunity because of their flexible structure. With the right strategy, you can apply the same approach in your enterprise

IT depts may give updated iMacs a second look

They're sleek all-in-one machines with a decent price point and an energy-efficient design. Observers ponder the possibility of Apple finally getting a foothold in the enterprise

Telco execs give warning

At a panel discussion, the industry is advised that changes in the enterprise market mean providers have to change their products and services

IT 360 – Macs may be the new enterprise machines, says expert

COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLEWindows may no longer be the behemoth in the world of the operating system, as Apple and trends like virtualization, Linux-based...

3Com making another enterprise comeback?

3Com recently reinforced its intention to become a major player in the enterprise market by unveiling plans to bundle products and services from itself and other partners, including VMware, in 3Com routers and switches

Director of product management and market development, VMware

VMware Inc. reports strong initial interest in its virtualization software designed to run on the Mac computer platform, but skeptics doubt it will improve Apple's share of the enterprise market.

Australian enterprise market running out of steam

The brave new world of information security for Symantec Corp. involves looking first to consumer demand and wants and then scaling products for the enterprise market.

IDC: Linux not yet ready for mass market

Linux, the open-source operating system, may be gaining a lot of ground in the enterprise space, but Windows will likely continue to dominate consumer desktops at least in the near future.

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