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Nortel still on long road to recovery

Nortel was in the news this month for all the wrong reasons yet again. At the beginning of March, the network equipment provider said it would delay filing its 2006 annual report in order to make another round of financial restatements. Unlike past errors though, the corrections were expected to be minor and were made to cover acuarial errors in pension and retirement plans, rather than to correct nefarious accounting practices.

IT tools can bridge the remote divide

Several years ago CEOs and IT executives were debating the pros and cons of telework.

3Com making another enterprise comeback?

3Com recently reinforced its intention to become a major player in the enterprise market by unveiling plans to bundle products and services from itself and other partners, including VMware, in 3Com routers and switches

TSN scores with simulcast

If your network

Government has role to play in Internet

In a recent column in The Toronto Star, Dr. Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa and an expert on Internet and e-commerce law, suggested that the various levels of Canadian government should do more to promote the potential of user-generated content.

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