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A new tool to fight welfare fraud in Australia

A card management system that tracks access cards through their entire lifecycle and can hold applications for secure storage or transfer of holder information is set to launch in Australia.

Phishing toolkit dupes unsuspecting victims in real time

According to RSA Security's Anti-Fraud Command Center, the phishing toolkit can be easily configured for multiple targets, configured to import pages from any target organization and intercept any credentials even after a victim has logged into an online account.

Scouts barcoded at 2007 Australian Jamboree

More than 10,000 scouts and scout leaders will sport barcoded bracelets as opposed to woggles at the 2007 Australian Scouts Jamboree so medical teams and event officials can instantly confirm someone's identification and special medical needs.

Staff vigil software goes remote

Software manufacturer Oleansoft Wednesday released upgrades to a software package designed to monitor and record employee productivity either remotely or in real-time.

Reader’s Digest begins global CRM rollout

Reader's Digest (Australia) has developed a solution internally to aid customer relations management, with plans to roll out to Reader's Digest globally as part of a strategy to converge its systems solutions.

Australian privacy task force eyes Access Card

A summary of recommendations made by the Access Card Consumer and Privacy Taskforce in Australia headed by Professor Allan Fels has listed 26 issues requiring rectification by the government before implementing the Access Card.

US tops dirty dozen spam list

The U.S. topped the dirty dozen spam list for 2006, contributing 21 per cent to the worldwide level of spam.

Australian enterprise market running out of steam

The brave new world of information security for Symantec Corp. involves looking first to consumer demand and wants and then scaling products for the enterprise market.

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