Software manufacturer Oleansoft Wednesday released upgrades to a software package designed to monitor and record employee productivity either remotely or in real-time.

The package, Oleansoft Hidden Camera 250X1, records screenshots and activity for up to 250 client desktops and instantly transmits desktop changes, filters out images such as screensavers and features an “off-line work timecounter”with statistics fed to a management console.

The software package runs on various flavours of Windows and requires a 100M bps TCP/IP network. The licence is on a per-desktop basis.

The current upgrade (Version 2.23) supports grouping of employees (up to 25 groups) and sorting by employees and scale by work time.

Andrew Khorkin, Oelansoft CEO, said the software automates employee and network monitoring, doesn’t require additional staff and is appropriate for both managerial and security needs.

Khorkin said company desktops are often used for private correspondence and Instant Messaging and as a result, employees are getting paid for activities that are not work related.

“Recent statistics show that over 60 percent of online shopping is done during business work hours. Moreover, pornography traffic and online gambling has skyrocketed to over 70 percent,” Khorkin said.

“Inadequate monitoring of employee activities at a workplace can become a productivity blind spot for employers.

“Our solution helps employers and human resource professionals reinforce control of the performance of their companies through real-time employee monitoring to determine if coaching or punitive measures are required for higher productivity.”

Remote control function for system administrators allows complete control of the employee PC remotely where a sys admin can launch applications, transfer files and shut down the PC entirely.

A product licence is US$39 for each desktop.

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