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5 ways to change the world in 2012

With the right perspective, as well as determination and effort, Steve Jobs believed any of us could "make a dent in the universe." Here's how

Top 10 emerging enterprise technologies

From whitelisting to a programming framework for distributed data processing, here are technologies shipping now but not yet widely adopted that will have the greatest impact in the enterprisern

Top 40 open source products for business and IT pros

If you think you can easily whittle down the best open source software to a manageable number, you''ll soon discover that you can''t do it without a great deal of hair pulling, nail biting, and gnashing of teeth. There are just too many excellent tools. Even if you give up on a "manageable" number and go whole hog -- say, a top 100, which is certainly doable -- you''ll still face too many hard decisions and too many arguments. You''ll be looking for a way out. rnrn

Eight signs it’s time to jump ship

High-profile layoffs in the tech sector have been ramping up as of late. Here are eight surefire indications that it's time to update your resume and start networking

Director of product management and market development, VMware

VMware Inc. reports strong initial interest in its virtualization software designed to run on the Mac computer platform, but skeptics doubt it will improve Apple's share of the enterprise market.

They said it – Telling IT quotes in 2006

It happens every year: as the calendar gets ready to turn over, we get an itch to pause, to be quiet, to reflect. That's probably why "year in review" stories are so popular at this time of year: they channel a seasonal compunction among editors and readers alike.

Technology worth watching in 2005

Last year closed with a veritable blizzard of mergers and a downpour of desktop search offerings

CSO council formed

A group of information security professionals has formed a Global Council of CSOs in an effort to better address online security challenges.

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