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Obama: Broadband, computers part of stimulus package

The President-Elect wants every American doctor and hospital to have electronic health records and plans to make public buildings more energy-efficient. Get the details on Obama

Intel packs six cores into Xeon 7400 processors

The chipmaker's server line gets an update that's aimed at virtualization adopters. MySpace comments on the data centre demand while Forrester looks at the competition from AMD's Barcelona

IBM expands Project Green

New additions include modular, energy-efficient data centre plans, and new software

Ryder steers towards environmental IT practices

The company cut its 2007 energy consumption by 15 per cent over 2006 through a server consolidation effort that reduced 100 discrete Wintel servers into 66 Energy Star blades

Microsoft uses green tactics to push Vista

The company commissions a study with a Canadian research firm that compares the energy efficiency of its Vista OS with its predecessor, Windows XP. Why Mac OS and Linux were left out

Green data centres mix high and low technology

Some of the most effective ways of cutting back electricity usage -- such as raising the computer room temperature a few degrees -- also are the simplest

Users: Vendors should provide greener storage

BridgeHead's annual Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Audit, clearly shows a growing interest in energy efficient technologies by both U.K. and U.S.companies

Time to power down

If IT managers in Canada are finding it difficult to make their data centres more energy-efficient, their colleagues in places like Hong Kong face an even greater struggle

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