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Ryder steers towards environmental IT practices

The company cut its 2007 energy consumption by 15 per cent over 2006 through a server consolidation effort that reduced 100 discrete Wintel servers into 66 Energy Star blades

Green in and out

China and India are just getting started as major producers of greenhouse gases, and the U.S. government seems unwilling to lead in efforts to conserve energy. The future looks very bleak, unless you talk to the right optimists

Is IT to blame for security woes?

IT professionals polled in a recent survey had an "unflattering" view of if their colleagues or managers. IT leaders don't much care about the end-user shenanigans, those polled claimed.

Offshore pay increases won’t raise outsourcing costs

Offshore wage gains won't raise the cost of IT work heading to India. So claims Marc Hebert, executive vice president of marketing at Sierra Atlantic Inc., an offshore outsourcer in Fremont, Calif.

Computerworld (US)

Seriously. When IBM Corp. entered the personal computer business in 1981, Apple Computer Inc.

Thieves among us

Shouldering project management responsibilities isn't for the average Joe or the fainthearted.

Trust, but verify

Once, back in the 1990s, I hosted an invitation-only party for my magazine at a trendy bar in Boston. My assistant arranged it all, including hiring a bouncer, whose frightening size was surpassed only by his scary disposition. When I arrived, somewhat late and without a pass, the bouncer blocked my path. I pointed to my picture on the invitation in his hand, but he just shrugged and said, "You don't look like you."

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