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Offering better user experiences through data analytics

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, it can be brutally difficult to find a patch of clean, uncluttered ground on which to work up a...

Understanding your ‘most important’ data

Channel partners must help their end-user customers realize that they can't treat all data the same, Symantec's CEO tells the company's annual Vision conference

Gartner releases 2010 end user predictions

A new set of predictions by Gartner foresees that 20 per cent of businesses will not own any IT assets by 2012. This is not just about the data centre; user PCs will also be part of an infrastructure service

Why SaaS could make your IT skills irrelevant

The IT industry is now preparing for a new round of upheaval as a result of SaaS adoption of offerings from the likes of Google (with its Google Apps) and that let users run applications via the Internet

Polycom certifies Nortel as telepresence partner

Nortel's eight Multimedia Network Operations Centres will extend telepresence services beyond the customer's own facilities, the companies say

After criticism, Sun changes Java updates

The company decides to scrap its controversial practice of staggering the release of patches. Instead, it will release updates for all supported Java SE platforms simultaneously

Gartner goes after Green Grid

The research firm releases a report that finds flaws with a consortium of vendors focused on addressing the IT sector's environmental issues. Is five months too soon to criticize?

Why Google feels lucky

Let me suggest that there are four sort of major thrusts around Google. One is that we

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