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Only one in 28 e-mail messages legit

The rising spring tide of spam pushed to 96.5 per cent the proportion of business e-mail that is actually spam

Meru software offers virtual tour of wireless networks

Users can "walk through" their wireless deployments to see areas of strong or weak coverage, interactions between access points and more

Polycom certifies Nortel as telepresence partner

Nortel's eight Multimedia Network Operations Centres will extend telepresence services beyond the customer's own facilities, the companies say

LOST PACKETS: Cellphone leakage

Just because you're on the phone doesn't mean you're on your own

Digium, PhoneFromHere sign five-year deal

The Web speech application vendor says Digium technology will improve the audio of its technology

Gizmac updates air filtration in server racks

Noise-reduced rack cabinets are aimed at post-production, broadcast and office environments

Providers spent $36B on wireline equipment: Dell’Oro

Sales reached levels in 2007 they haven't seen since the turn of the century, with Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent leading the pack

Fortinet, AlterPoint and Exaprotect partner

The company's UTM products will be integrated with network management and automation software, as well as a central security policy server

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