Gizmac updates air filtration in server racks


Gizmac Accessories of Torrance, Calif., has upgraded its smaller 4U and 6U models of its XRackPro2 server rack series, adding custom air filtration. The company says the pleated design of the filter provides more surface area to trap particles. The filters are reinforced with a metal grid. The racks’ controlled airflow design aids cooling and improves noise reduction, the company says. Originally engineered for noise reduction, the company is targeting the racks at the post-production, broadcasting, business and medical office and schools market. The company also says that the air filtration feature makes it suitable for environments with higher than normal levels of dust and particulates. It also lockable doors. The XRackPro2 4U model lists for US$549.99. The 6U model costs US$749.99.


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