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Slack promises to smooth out the bumps in enterprise email

Slack founder Stewart Butterfield wants to give everyone a transparent, searchable tool in which all communications can flow

Royal LePage’s big switch to Google Apps for Work

The real estate company used to rely on Outlook Web Access Light, but found some "performance degradation"

Google Buzz criticized for showing Gmail contacts

Some default settings mean third parties can see who Buzz users have been e-mailing. Not good if you want to keep your e-mail communication a secret

Bamboo Cricket helps online retailers get a grip

Ontario-based Bamboo Cricket has announced a new Web-based platform, Managed Solution, to help online retail businesses handle customer service requests.

U.K. government’s citizen databases slammed by outgoing politician

The U.K. government's use of large IT databases on citizens has been slammed by David Davis MP as he resigned from parliament. The resignation is the latest vocal attack on the government's IT databases, after the Home Affairs Committee urged the government to stop creating databases without first proving they are necessary.

UK to create new laws for unsolicited e-mail

The United Kingdom's Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will today open its consultation into the implementation of the European Union (E.U.)-created Electronic Communication Data Protection Directive. Its main objective will be to discuss the creation of anti-spam laws.

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