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War of the worms

Antivirus firm Sophos PLC named the SoBig-F worm as the hardest hitting virus of 2003, accounting for almost a fifth of all reports to the company throughout the year.

BT asks UK gov’t for reduced broadband regulations

BT Group PLC has asked the U.K. Trade and Industry select committee to reduce the regulations placed on it over the rollout of broadband, providing proof that it has made huge progress with the delivery of high-speed internet access to date and should therefore have sanctions lifted.

Civil liberties group slams data retention directive

Flaws in the European Union (E.U.) framework directive on communications data retention will breach the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) if implemented in the U.K. warns civil liberties group Privacy International.

Virtual prisons

Members of the public can now get a feel of what it would be like to be banged up by taking a virtual tour of their local prison. Due to be launched Thursday, Prisons Online is a U.K. government-backed venture aimed at exposing life inside prison walls.

ISP demands more budget packages

Budget Internet Service Provider (ISP) PlusNet has submitted a complaint to Oftel about the number of low-cost broadband service providers, demanding the watchdog orders ISPs to reduce costs.

Public spending questioned

Campaigners at B4B (Broadband4Britain) today criticised government plans to donate

BT is back

British Telecommunications PLC today announced it is teaming up with operator T-Mobile International AG to make its move back into the mobile market, offering a new service for families.

E-learning strategy to ‘revolutionize’ UK education

The U.K.'s Education and skills secretary Charles Clarke yesterday stressed the importance of technology for revolutionizing learning in schools, colleges and universities, marking the launch of the government's consultation document into its e-learning strategy.

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