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Virtual machines need defragging too

An Osterman Research white paper argues for defragmenting virtual machines. The paper argues that VMs can become just as fragmented as physical disks

3 essential freeware disk tools

Sometimes it seems that Microsoft falls a little bit short when providing tools for managing these tasks. Fortunately there are a number of 3rd party alternatives that come to the rescue...

Are backup tapes still relevant?

Are backup tapes a dead technology or do they still have a place in the modern small business. If you haven't switched to hard disks or Web-based backup systems, here are a few tips on how to make the best of your backup tapes

Taking care of tape

While it has taken a back seat to disk and Web-based solutions in recent years, an older storage technology mysteriously remains a reliable medium that won

No excuse for unencrypted laptops

If you're not protecting the data on your enterprise's laptops, you're not doing due diligence, says Network World columnist Andreas Antonopoulos

Opinion: Cryptic Reading

A report released by the Government Accountability details lax encryption efforts at 24 U.S. agencies and departments.

Norton AV 11 works well on the Mac

This virus scanner protects your machine in the background and lets users exclude volumes from auto-scanning. But scanning a 170 GB drive takes a while

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