Product name: OpenTech Systems Inc.’s DR/Xpert for DB2


DR/Xpert is designed to automatically manage image copies of DB2 databases. It audits, backs up and recovers table spaces, and determines the optimal object recovery order. It also provides statistical reporting and alerts to help database administrators figure out when objects are approaching their size limit. Its user-defined recovery groups let DBAs group objects together and assign priority to recover. It can recovery without modifying JCL.

System Requirements

Supports: BMC Copy Plus for DB2 version 7.2.00 and above BMC Recovery Plus for DB2 V5.2.00 and above CA Quick Copy for DB2 for z/OS R11.5 and above CA Fast Recover for DB2 for Z/OS R11.5 and above

Price: Starts at US$13,950

Product name: EMC Disk Library for Mainframe


DLm is a virtual tape system for IBM’s zseries mainframes. Includes disk-based backup and recovery, batch processing. The tape emulation feature means it has no tape but appears to the mainframe as if it is either a 3480, 3490 or 3590 tape drive. It includes 1 TB SATA II disk drives with RAID 6 protection , and hardware compression. It can connect to mainframes through FICON or ESCOn channels. It is available with either 2 or 4 tape emulators, with 500 TB of storage and 600 Megabits per second of throughput.

System Requirements

IBM System z

Price: Starts at US$850,000

Product name: Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows 5.1


Storage Foundation for Windows includes storage management tools and data protection, allowing disaster recovery across local and wide-area networks. It is designed to help data centre administrators manage “the islands of storage” across a variety of vendors. The SmartMove function helps create and synchronize mirrors and snapshots and the Configuration Checker identifies potential installation errors. Version 5.1 also has Dynamic Disk Groups, which uses the logical disk management capability of Windows to increase availability in both clustered and non-clustered data centres

System Requirements

1GB of RAM; 32-bit, x64 or IA64 system processor at 1GHz or faster; minimum Internet Explorer 6.0 with SP2 or Firefox 1.5 browser support for Veritas Cluster Management Console


Starts at US$695 per server based on the Microsoft edition of the server operating system (Standard, Enterprise, Data centre, etc.). Storage Foundation Basic for Windows is free (aside from maintenance cost) and has full functionality but is limited to four data volumes per physical server.

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