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Compellent adds virtualization, upgrades to its SAN

The company's next-generation storage area network also supports VMware management utilities

Toshiba SSD opens door to MacBook Air alternatives

Release of skinny Blade X-gale solid state drives from Toshiba could slim down more notebooks. Find out more

Intel, Toshiba, Samsung aim to halve chip circuitry size

The three firms also plan to form a consortium of 10 companies that make products in the semiconductor or related industries

IDC: Better storage tech could trim power, cooling costs

The economic downturn changed attitudes toward data storage products. According to IDC , more efficient storage technologies should allow power and cooling costs in data centres to level off by 2014

SanDisk releases postage stamp-sized SSD

The new integrated SSD for ultra thin devices weighs less than one gram and offers up to 64GB capacity. The company said the products represent a new category of embedded drives that offer higher capacities and performance than existing storage technologies

Samsung unveils its densest 2TB desktop hard drive

The EcoGreen F4 hard drive is Samsung's most eco-friendly model, meeting all RoHS requirements. The new drive includes a 3.0 Gbit/sec SATA interface, Native Command Queuing and a 32MB buffer memory

Hitachi touts hard drive for ultra-light PCs

The new drives will be used in PCs, laptops, video cameras and set top boxes. Hitachi said the hard drives are 26 per cent thinner than those found in most laptops and netbooks

IBM BladeCentre offers speed, power savings

IBM's BlaceCentre HS22 delivers a virtualization-ready combo of performance, energy efficiency and manageability

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